VERA SIDIKA KANDO! This Tanzanian Socialite Has The JUICIEST Derriere Ever (PHOTOS)


For a long time Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika held the title of having the biggest derrière in East Africa. Actually, most of us got our big bum obsession after seeing her in the You Guy video.

Then came Corazon Kwamboka whose booty game was on a different story all together and there have been many more after her some of them are not even worth mentioning.

Anyway, there’s a sexy lass whose derrière is driving thirsty men bonkers and giving them sleepless nights. Simply put, this lady has the juiciest bum you will ever see.

She is simply known as Sanchoka and believe you me her ‘nyash‘ is bigger than that of Vera Sidika, Corazon Kwamboka and Risper Faith put together. I’m not exaggerating, trust me!

On her Instagram page, this beauty who hails from Tanzania describes herself as a model and an entrepreneur and. I guess we all know what that means seeing how Kenyans keep jetting in and out of the country.

When asked, Sanchoka was quick to dismiss claims that she had a but lift. So, there you have it her bum is natural.

Here are the photos, feast with thine eyes.

Some photos couldnae be shared on here. But worry not, we found them floating about online. Click the link below to see some of the photos in which her nipples are on display:

click for photos

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